The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is it good or is it bad?

Well a recent study showed that a diet full of extra virgin olive oil and fresh veg should be followed by everyone who are serious about changing the way they eat. It’s health benefits helping to guard against cancer and heart disease has got to be explored. 

The rich benefits of the Mediterranean cuisine is affordable and nutritious and is largely based on lots of fruit, veg and fewer portions of meat but more wholegrain foods like brown bread, cereal grains, nuts, olive oil and fish.

The Mediterranean diet has been linked with good health, including a healthier heart. A 2013 study found that people following a Mediterranean diet had a 30% lower risk of heart disease and strokes.

So eating plenty of starchy foods such as bread and pasta along with plenty of fruit and vegetables, eating some fish and less meat and choosing products made from vegetable and plant oils such as olive oil will make your diet more of the Mediterranean style.

Seasoning with herbs such as Rosemary is more often than not added to Mediterranean dishes as Scientists think it’s partly responsible for people living longer who live round the Med.

Eating plenty of red tomatoes the redder the better as it increases the amount of antioxidant lycopene in them and great added to Mediterranean dishes.

Mushrooms full of vitamin D cheap and affordable are nutritionally good for you and can be added to most dishes.

Pulses are full of fibre essential to keeping our bodies in working order, lentils are a pulse and also cheap and nutritious and can be added as a base for many a dish. Lentils will also keep you full for longer because of the fibre content.

Don’t be afraid to buy baked beans also rich in fibre and protein and cheap to buy and can also be added to various dishes…very tasty too!

If you haven’t got time then don’t be afraid to buy frozen veg which is just as good for you as it’s frozen at the height of it’s freshness and saves the peeling of fresh veg. If you do buy fresh then make sure it’s washed thoroughly to help get rid of any pesticides.

Eating more fruit such as blueberries, raspberries ect can be bought frozen or buy in bulk and freeze or better still, pick your own then freeze if you have time…and if you live in or around the countryside!

Use ‘extra virgin olive oil’ for all your cooking even frying and ditch the other oils or fats you’ve been using, olive oil is ‘king’ and generations of Mediterranean families have been using olive oil down the line for all their cooking needs.

If you can’t be without meat then chicken or lean meat are the way to go, cooked in olive oil with pasta and veg makes for a tasty  and filling dish.

Drink plenty of water rather than fizzy drinks reduce your alcohol intake but this is not to say that you can’t enjoy the odd glass of red wine with your Mediterranean meal…cheers!

So is a Mediterranean diet good or bad?

I would say after sifting through some of the evidence on hand, I would say it’s very good for you and will help you stay healthy and live longer! Good for the skin and hair too…just saying!